Pneumatic Parts Unloader - Container Unloader- Gaylord Tilter - Model 10-7500 - Ensign - Ensign Equipment - Air Operated -3

Ensign’s Side Tilt Parts Unloaders are an economical and ideal choice for unloading and loading parts into gaylords, bins, boxes, drums, and various other containers. Capable of automatically or manually tilting when the container is approximately half empty, an Ensign box tipper can lift up to 1,000lbs at 80psi to a 45-degree angle. Available with a ground entry and non-ground entry tilting pan these units can be loaded from with a pallet jack, forklift, or hand truck. The tilting pan pivots on two serviceable and replaceable flanged bearings. Unlike any other box tipper on the market, these tilt bearings require very little maintenance and ensure smooth rotation during the entire tilt cycle even years after installation.

Side Tilt Parts Unloader

Features & Options

  • Serviceable/Replaceable pivot bearings
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Vacuum wand holder
  • Gaylord retaining hook
  • Full tilt indicator
  • Custom colors

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