Ensign’s Typhoon stationary vertical auger mixers are a cost-effective and ideal choice for mixing, pellets, granules, flakes, and regrinds. A homogenous blend of a batch of material is completed by repeatedly mechanically conveying material from the base of the mixer to the top where a material dispersion paddle evenly distributes it around the mixer.  Available in heavy duty carbon or Stainless steel construction, Ensign’s mixers range in 75cuft to 1300cuft mix capacity. Easily integrated with pneumatic and/or mechanical loading and discharging system, Ensign’s mixers can be engineered with automated controls to load, mix, and discharge materials based of your specific process requirement.

Stationary Vertical Auger Mixer

  • 75-1300cuft mixing capacities
  • Allen Bradley PLC, HMI, and electrical components
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy clean assembly
  • Dumper fill chute
  • Programmable digital timer
  • Automated controls
  • Lube free replaceable auger bushing
  • UL listed enclosures

  • Vacuum loader mounting pattern
  • Extended Legs / Discharge stands
  • Weight monitoring/control systems
  • Vacuum takeaway boxes
  • Custom colors
  • Screw conveyor discharge systems
  • Slide gates (Manual & Pneumatic)
  • Customer specified electrical components (Siemans, Schneider, etc

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