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Efficient space utilization and contaminant mitigation are two very common challenges for any manufacturer or material processor. For our Plastics Recycler partners, we understand that every inch of production and storage space is critical, and the same goes for preventing metal contaminants from damaging highly valuable equipment.  In this month’s Application Spotlight, Ensign Equipment displays a cost-effective and smart solution to address both concerns. Check out the video to learn more!

By integrating some value-packed, modular options into our standard Gaylord Dumpers and High-Capacity Surge Bins, we were able to effectively filtrate out any large metal contaminants and debris while still providing a safe and space-efficient material receiving and storage system.

Some of the modular and customizable options & features highlighted in this solution include…

  • Dumper Riser Stands – to provide an elevated discharge height into the High-Capacity Surge Hoppers.
  • An Operator Platform – to enable visual inspection of incoming materials for contaminants as it discharges into the hopper
  • A 2” x 2” Heavy-Duty Hopper Grate – designed to catch large debris that could be mixed in with the incoming recycled material such as chunks of pallets, hammers, screwdrivers, etc.
  • Remote Two-Handed Pushbutton Controls – mounted on the operator platform to allow for accurate control of the speed of material discharge and positioned as far away from the dumper and surge bin interface as possible to keep operators safe by preventing hands or anything else from being caught between a surge of incoming product and the hopper grate.
  • Custom Vacuum Takeoff Boxes – that include quick-access doors that can serve as an evacuation point for manually removing contaminants from the system and for quick cleaning of the surge bin when switching between colors.
  • Easy Access Drawer Magnets – to catch any smaller ferrous materials that may have made it into the product stream such as screws, nails, or bolts.
  • Mechanical Agitator Assemblies – With incoming recycled material most often being in the form of regrind plastics, bridging and ratholing is often an issue in bins with hopper angles that are shallower than 60 degrees. In working through the pros and cons of a 45-degree bin vs. a 60-degree bin with the customer, they opted to prioritize storage capacity and chose a 45-degree solution with a recommended mechanical agitator in the cone of the bin to keep material flowing.

Additional Options for Ensign’s Gaylord Dumpers

Ensign’s extensive library of available options gives you the flexibility to address almost any material handling challenge. And with robust designs that are built to last, we can put your team in a position to succeed for years to come.


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